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Nedrom was established in 2001, but it counts with more than 20 years of experience in the agrochemical sector, both in crop protection and special fertilizers.

Both at producers and dealers level, combination that it is not easy to find. As stated in our mission, our obsession is to add value in the process, in a manner that everybody in the chain recognises that value. We offer synergies to our Business Partners, by putting together different products and services to them and our clients. We give advise in Registration, including field trials. We take care of logistics, from full truck deliveries to small parcels. Or even vessel cargos. Our warehousing needs are provided externally and we also offer a bagging facility that allow us to prepare 25kg bags from big bags or other semi-bulk packaging.

Our activity is covered by an ISO 9001 certification from TÜV International and we have recently changed our corporative image to strength our message and position. We try to become the Iberian branch of our partners, basing our relationship on efficacy, transparency and mutual trust. Best example of this statement is the establishment in 2003 of Manica Cobre, a j.v. between Nedrom Ibérica S.L. and Manica Spa -an Italian copper derivatives leader producer in Europe- for the marketing and sales of their products in the region. We explode synergies to a maximum level by adding both product range, Manica and Nedrom’s ones, in the same portfolio increasing negotiation power in front of our customers.


Nedrom Ibérica imports products from different producers worldwide and market them within our territory. Products we market and sell can be divided into 3 categories:
  • Crop protection products
  • Plant nutrition products for intensive agriculture
  • Industrial chemicals for agro and other uses

We sell those products in two ways; to local formulators who sell their own brands in the final market, or to regional or provincial dealers, whom sell our products under our Business Partner (B.P.) or Nedrom’s brands. We adapt to our B.P. global strategy, taking into account local conditions.

We also act as a consultant for the launching of a new product or project in our market, working in close contact with our customer/partner from the start to the end.


If you are looking for a distributor in the Iberian region we would be glad to check our business compatibility with your organisation